Monday, 7 September 2015

Inside Our Home

If you follow my blog you'll no doubt know that I recently moved to a new house. It was a big change as I moved out of a shared house with my girlfriends and into a little maisonette with my boyfriend. I'm obsessed with interiors so setting up our new place was exciting (until we were onto building the wardrobe for the third bedroom and starting to get sick of DIY...) and I thought I'd let you have a sneak peak at my new home. Above is our bedroom, guess which side of the bed is mine? Hint: it's the much tidier one. The picture above the bed is one I made using all the maps we managed to bring home from when we went travelling together after University.

Our bathroom is quite big and I'm determined to keep it looking pretty. The soaps on the sink were a gift from my sister last year, they're so pretty with their little brown string that I still haven't opened them! And how cute is the toothbrush holder? I have these Ikea pots everywhere in different sizes.

Alex bought my a lovely bouquet of lilies when we moved in which was great until he leaned over them with a bright white shirt on. The tins are all Emma Bridgewater, as is a lot of the kitchenware we own because I'm a tad obsessed.

Speaking of obsessed I have previously mentioned my mug addiction... See above my favourites in my collection. The top was a gift from my stepdad when I went home for a weekend, it's Le Creuset. The middle two are Cath Kidston and perfect for an extra large cup of tea. The bottom two with writing on are Emma Bridgewater; one a gift from my Mum and one a gift from me to me. The middle with the big E is Anthropologie; a gift from a friend for my 21st, very pretty but the handle is too small even for my hands!

Last but most definitely not least is our lounge. This corner sofa is my pride and joy - it looks so pretty and is perfect for curling up on! The drawing above the sofa is one of my Mums that I've always loved and it looks so good on our wall. We have a breakfast bar instead of a table but we bought some extra chairs for when people come round which you can see handing on the wall by the couch - a really great space saver. Of course the star element of the photo is the chocolate buttons which I snuck into the house and ate within an hour.

So there you have it, what do you think of our new home?

Until next time,
 photo llg.png


  1. This is so sweet Ellen! I'm utterly in love with your corner sofa. So so pretty. I love the calm colours you've chosen and that folding-seat-on-the-wall hack is genius!! Such a great way to save space! :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

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