Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How to Organise Your Blog

I'm a super organised person naturally but I admit I can be lazy in organising my blog but recently I've made a big effort to keep on top of things and I thought I'd share with you all how I do it.

First I bought myself a {very pretty} notepad specifically for blog organisation - it was reduced from £15 in paperchase to £4.95 so I had no excuse! I then divided up the notepad in sections; events coming up, Instagram planning, Twitter planning and then - the big one - blog posts.

Each month I plan when I want the posts to go live, what I want the content to be and what I need to do to achieve that.

The key to planning properly, at least for me, is knowing what my personal plans are and how that will affect my blog; whether that is in a good way or a bad way. I might know that I'm going to an event that will make good content for my blog so that's one weeks post sorted and at the same time I might know that one month I have really busy weekends which will limit my ability to write up posts or put together photography so I know I need to use stock photography, or use the month before to schedule my posts.

The second part of planning is content ideas. This was one of my biggest hurdles when I first started blogging; some weeks I would have tons of great ideas and others I would have none. Alongside that I often forgot what my great ideas were after thinking of them.

So there's a whole section of my perfect little notepad just for ideas. Blank pages for noting down ideas and inspiration as soon as it comes to me and then pages with researched ideas; national holidays, events and review work that I commit to.

So far this is working really well for me, how do you organise your time?

Until next time,
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