Monday, 3 August 2015

Big Ice Screening & Unlimited Ice Cream

I was lucky enough at the weekend to have the chance to attend one of Ben & Jerry's 'Big Ice Screening' outdoor Cinema sessions. There was several films shown over the weekend but I had to go with my favourite film - 500 Days of Summer, on Saturday afternoon. I am a little bit crazy over Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream so this day was a little bit like walking into heaven...

The screenings were held on Clapham Common and outside the actual movie area was a hold ton of little stalls to walk around. Companies like Mallow & Marsh - the post marshmallow company - and Gourmet Popcorn were among the food tents around as well as carnival type games and many a photo opportunity.

Of course the best part of the stalls was the unlimited free ice cream. Ben & Jerry's were offering up their 3 new flavours; "Utter Peanut Butter Clutter", "What-a-lotta Chocolate" and "Speculoos? Specu-love" all with a crumbled cookie core. I have to admit I cannot stand Peanut Butter so I did avoid that flavour but there was plenty of opportunity to try the other two. I love the core tubs that Ben & Jerry's do so it was no surprise that I loved both but if I had to pick one to take the edge it would be Speculoos? Specu-love which was caramel ice cream with caramelised cookies. It was heaven in a tub.

The cinema area was so cute. There were little green towels at the front, big cow print bean bag cushions, deck chairs & (at the back) grass covered couches. Waiting for us on the cushions were cow print covered cooler bags for us to take home which was so cute. The film started by giving us a view on climate control and the way in which Ben & Jerry's supports making a change, which was really interesting as I had no idea the brand was so active in this area. To show just how much they support the cause the screen was actually man powered - there was a whole line of people at the back of the seats riding bikes which helped to power the movie! What a way to burn off those 15 mini tubs of ice cream...

To top it all off on the way out my housemate and I were offered a free full size tub of "What-a-lotta Chocolate" which we ate all too quickly on the journey home and then proceeded to feel very very sick!

What a perfect afternoon, until next time,

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  1. This is fantastic! I had the pleasure to join the ice cream van tour around London last month and saw that there was the summer cinema as well but couldn't make it. The new flavours are so tasty don't you think? My fav has to be the speculatius version, then the chocolate one and the peanut butter option is tasty but it makes you feel a little sick after a few scoops. Hope you're well xxx