Monday, 10 August 2015

10 Things you didn't know about The Little London Girl

001: I'm absolutely petrified of people in costume. You know like in Disneyland or Mascots at sporting events? Literally my worst nightmare. I don't know why but my heart races when I see them.

002: I have a tattoo & 5 ear piercings. I also want more! I'm refraining from further tattoos for the moment but I think I'll keep gradually getting more piercings in my ears - my ideal is probably between 8 and 10 across both ears.

003: I don't drink tea or coffee. Any herbal, green or detox tea I will drink until I'm blue in the face but I can't stand normal tea and I never ever drink coffee.

004: I'm animal crazy. I don't think you'd really guess this about me because I'm super girly and don't like getting my hands dirty {ugh princess} but I've always been an animal lover. I wanted to be a vet when I was younger and at one point I had a cat, a rabbit, two gerbils and a fish. 

005: On that note I'm also majorly obsessed with pigs. I wouldn't say they're my number 1 favourite because dogs are my ultimate fav but pigs are up there. I have so many pig cuddly toys it's insane.

006: I think in another life I might have been a mermaid. Or a fish. I *love* the water. I could swim all day long if I had the energy. Apparently when I was young I used to go to my friends pool parties and literally just go off completely by myself and swim under the water for hours ( I came up for breath a lot obvs). Parents thought it was a little weird actually... 

007: I'm only 5ft tall {ish... I'm actually slightly under}! The tagline of my blog is partly because I live in London and partly because I'm so teeny.

008: I'm a total book worm and known by housemates as 'the library' because they are forever visiting my bedroom for books. I studied English Literature at University and I read a book a week on my commute to and from work now so my collection of literature is pretty vast. 

009: I'm weirdly interested in World War 2. As periods of history go this is my favourite to learn about - I'm constantly seeking out new literature on it. My favourite books so far have been The Seige and Commandant of Auschwitz. 

010: I take extra long showers. I only found this out when I moved in with my current housemates but apparently I totally hog our bathroom!

Until next time,
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  1. Just found your blog! It's really cute, I'm your latest follower on Bloglovin :)
    I think I was a mermaid in another life too :))))

    1. Thanks lovely! Can't wait to check your blog out xx

  2. I'm the exact same with normal tea- it just tastes bitter?! My current love is iced tea using Whittard fruit blends - Apple and Elderflower <3

    Writing Possibility

  3. 5ft? I'm over half a foot taller than you! :O I'm also fascinated by World War II, I don't think it's that weird! :) x

    Martha Jane |