Monday, 20 July 2015

Trying Out The Matcha Tea Craze

I can be a bit of a health freak at times - my housemates often make fun of me weighing out my carbs for my evening meal (!) - and any new health craze is on my list to try. Unsurprisingly then when Kiss Me Organics got in touch and asked if I wanted to try some of their Matcha powder I was all too eager to say yes!

I already drinks a lot of green & herbal teas and I had heard about Matcha tea previously but I've only tried the tea bags. The main benefit I wanted to test out is actually the fact it is supposed to give you increased energy and make you more alert. I have low B12 levels and I can get really tired during the week, to the point I often fall asleep on the commute into my office, so anything that can wake me up is something I am on board with. 

I started by trying the powder in tea form. I always have a cup of tea before I head to work and I thought this could be a good way to start the day. The powder needs to be well whisked with the water so it doesn't settle at the bottom of the mug. I would recommend buying a little electric frother like the above (you can get plain silver ones in Ikea for 75p!).

I have to admit I don't like the taste anywhere near as much as my green teas but I definitely felt more awake during the day.

My second option (as I really want to be having this prior to leaving for work) was to try the powder in shot form. You can either have this warm or cold but I recommend whisking in a separate cup before putting into the shot glass or it just goes everywhere. Trust me...

The cold shot was a bit of a shock to the system - it just tastes like cold tea - but the warm shot was actually totally fine and a really easy way to get a quick dose of matcha before starting my day.

There are absolutely tons of ways you can use matcha including baking it into cupcakes, which I haven't tried yet and it really is an amazing health benefit.

Imagine green tea but 100 times healthier (is there such a thing?!). I definitely felt more awake at work and, most importantly, I didn't fall asleep on my journey in or my journey home for the first time in three weeks!

You can buy the powder here on Amazon or give Matcha tea bags a go and see what you think.

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