Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Top Tips for Life Admin

My family often joke that I can be a little OCD (I like to sort my Smarties into colours and then eat them in sets of two) but I find it so difficult to keep my life organised now I'm working full time. The weekends come and go so quickly that I find myself feeling totally out of control all too often. 
Here's my top tips for keeping everything in order with a little bit of life admin:
{one} Buy some pretty boxes for important things.
I bought a set of 2 white storage boxes for like £1 at Ikea; one I use for important documents (work contract/doctors letter etc.) and one I use for useful stuff (cellotape/lightbulbs/unused cards). You can easily decorate these to look pretty or simply keep them white and store on top of your wardrobe.

{two} Sort your wardrobe into sections.
I love my wardrobe looking super tidy. This might be a result of having to make all my clothing rails and cupboards in the office look neat but I can't help myself. Personally I separate out into 'going out' and 'day wear' - this means less things to root through when getting ready.
I also divide into coloured sections but that might be a little too far for some.

{three} Make your memories into something pretty.
I used to have a 'memory box' filled with all the stuff I didn't want to get rid of but it always just seemed cluttered. So instead I got a big Mason jar and just started filling it bit by bit with tickets/wristbands/cards that I didn't want to throw away.

{four} Pack away seasonal clothes. 
I work in fashion and as a consequence my wardrobe is (very literally) overflowing with new stuff every week. It got to a point when I had absolutely no room to store everything I had so I decided to start packing away the stuff I don't use. Wooly jumper and bulky coats can go away for the summer and strappy crop tops and maxi dresses can be packed away in colder months. Use underbed storage boxes for this - easy to pull out if there's an unexpected temporary weather change!
{five} Display your hair products/make up
 This area of a girls life is often the most messy - where to put them? In a drawers, out on the side? I bought these blogger favourite Ikea pots to stand my styling products up in on a little table and then my daily used products just stand on the side next to them.

{six} Don't keep things you don't need to.
This sound so simple but it's so easy to forget. I'm terrible for hoarding things I think I might 'need' in the future - from clothes to magazines and it creates so much clutter. Now I do a monthly wardrobe clear out (which includes getting rid of any tired looking underwear and PJ's) and I clear out my general room every six months; getting rid of magazines, jewellery, bags etc. that I never use. Clear life, clear mind!
I'm always looking for more top tips on how to organise myself better so please leave me a message to let me know your secrets ;)
Until next time,
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  1. I know what you mean about working full time, it's so hard to keep organised! Completely agree with all of these points! I love the idea of putting all your memories into that jar, I might have to do something like this :) x


    1. It's so cute right? I got the idea of Pinterest... the source of all my great ideas!! x

  2. It is such an adjustment going from having so much spare time to so little, I have been working full time for over a year and still haven't got my house in order! Saying that I do blame our space issues more than I ought to, I love these tips particularly about making memories into something pretty I have so many tickets and things that would look so beautiful in a jar or box of some sort!

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x

    1. Yeah it's too easy just to end up shoving things in drawers and storage spaces but actually stuff like old tickets and cards can actually be made into something to put on display :) x