Thursday, 9 July 2015

Inside My Home

I'm probably going to sound like a broken record when I say I am back again but this time I am, and I plan to get back on track! 

So I'm starting with a sneaky peak inside my house. I did a post on this when we first moved in last year but the house is forever changing.

{clockwise from top right}

001: This fab little egg house is my favourite thing, I found it in Wilkos for £5 and I couldn't resist! It's a shame it only fits 6 as we pretty much always have more than 6 eggs at a time but it's too pretty to pass up.

002: Ask any of my friends/colleagues/housemates what to buy me as a gift and no doubt new mug will be top of the list; I'm totally obsessed with pretty mugs. Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston are my go to homeware designers but my housemate bought this mug and I absolutely loved it. So much so I went and bought myself one as well!

003: Our house has a big kitchen and then a separate little lounge on the ground floor but now it's summer we very rarely use the lounge as there isn't much light in it so one night we spontaneously decided to move the smaller couch (we have two) into the kitchen and change the table. 

004: This pretty little plant was just £1.50 from Tesco. It lasted a good 4 weeks before starting to die! It ended up getting stolen from my room to take pride of place on the coffee table in the kitchen!

005: One of my housemates is a teacher and I always look forward to her school holidays because she starts cleaning and baking every day! Coming home to a spotless kitchen/bathroom and homemade cupcakes is not the worst thing in the world.

006: My sister bought my this perfect little cushion for Christmas when we first moved with my blog tag line on. She also bought my a fab little Chanel cushion that sits on my bed.

I'm obsessed with interiors and kitchenware and I'm loving building up my home, even if it isn't permanent! What's your inspiration at home?

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