Thursday, 2 April 2015

10 Things Every Girl in her 20s is Instagramming

1: Legs. 
Legs in pjs with fluffy socks. Bare legs in front of a fabulous looking beach. Legs in ripped jeans. Legs, legs, legs.
2: Healthy food. 
Instagram made it's name by being the outlet for all our food porn needs, but gone are the days of indulgence. Now we want to see avocado and poached eggs. We want to see granola and berries and yoghurt in a jam jar. 

3: Mugs with letters.
Go buy a mug from Anthropologie with your initial on it, fill it with hot chocolate and marshmallows or (brownie points) a form of healthy tea and Instagram away. Add crossed legs into the photo for extra likes.

4: A glass of wine.
You're sophisticated now you're in your 20s so you love a glass of wine in the evenings. Maybe you'll place the wine next to some expensive candles or hold it in your perfectly manicured hands. Maybe - if you're really grown up - it'll be bubbly and you'll pretend it's Champagne {when it's really Cava}

5: Expensive candles. 
You can afford these now you have a job. Will it be a Yankee candle or a Parks of London candle?
Oh screw it lets go all out and make it Jo Malone.

6: Coffee.
Because you work now and it's stressful. It should also be in a take away cup because you're way too busy to sit in a cafe.

7: A quote. 
It will be a quote that fits into one of the following categories
(a) inspirational
(b) sarcastic
(c) something about Mondays

8: Brunch.
Because brunch.

9: Babies. 
Your friend/sister/cousin just had a baby and that needs to be on Instagram because it's just so damn cute. Animal babies will also suffice - when you're friends and their boyfriends are substituting humans with puppies and kittens, it makes for great social media material. 

10: Timehop photos.
Of a time when you were tanned, hot and still had you're parents paying all your bills.

Until next time,
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  1. I love how accurate this is hahaha, especially the healthy food and coffee ones x x x

  2. I definitely laughed out loud several times. Hilarious. And so trueeee.

  3. Haha funny post - so true as well especially the coffee!

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink