Monday, 30 March 2015

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Working in the fashion industry definitely has it's perks; between sample sales and a hefty staff discount my wardrobe is never short of clothes. There are, however, some downsides. One of my weekly jobs is to produce a trend report for what is 'new' in all the high street stores which, surprise surprise, just leads to me wanting even more clothes. The downside here is I just don't have enough room in my wardrobe for everything I own. I also have a total hatred for putting things in drawers; clothes get crumples and - because I often forget what I own - the reality is if I can't see it hanging in front of me I just won't wear it.

The solution came to me partly in my office and partly when browsing Pinterest.
In case my boss is reading those two things don't happen at the same time.
All of my product at work hangs on rails or in cupboards and one key job I have is to make sure those rails look neat and tidy at all times. I therefore decided it would be a great idea to have a rail in my bedroom for my over flowing wardrobe. 

The below was my inspiration:

If you decide this route is for you here are my key tips to making your rail look like a Pinterest rail.

1. Get a rail with a base you can put shoes on - double space saver and your most fabulous shoes can go on display.
2. Get matching hangers. This isn't something I achieved but if you can splash out on some nice black/white wooden hangers it looks a whole lot nicer. 
3. Pick the clothes that will go on it carefully. Don't just bung everything/anything on it, choose a theme whether that's all your going out stuff, all your coats or (like me) keep it monochrome. This just makes it look a little neater.

See below the outcome:

Rail: £10 Sainssburys

Until next time, 

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