Monday, 17 November 2014

Style Steal

Working in the fashion industry and running The Little London Girl generally means I am very lucky to receive lots of freebies and sample sales when it comes to fashion so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite treats over the past few months.

The above is a gorgeous little crop top from New Look that I got in chuck out (the small window of opportunity to get things for free before they go into sample sale stock). It's such a pretty print and perfect with high waisted jeans.

I grabbed this for £3 in the New Look sample sale last week, I thought my boss might kill me as she was so desperate for it herself. I don't know what opportunity I'll have to actually use it but I just think it's too sweet to pass up! no pun intended...

I was lucky enough to receive a whole load of goodies from Topshop a few months ago and these perfect little leopard shorts were one of my favourite pieces. They came with a matching oversized jacket. I was a little sceptical as to when I would wear them, I rarely go on nights out that require real dressing up but actually, teamed with a little black boxy top these are perfect for work.

This clutch was one of my favourite things in my Topshop treats (right after my White Pepper black leather backpack which I adore). It's clear plastic but looks like glass with an option of the blue/orange strap or the gold. Totally in love!

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  1. In love with the floral New Look crop top - it looks much more expensive!

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink