Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist

I've been a bit terrible at blogging recently, work is so busy that I rarely arrive home before 8pm and I tend to eat and go to bed! On top of that my family just visited for the weekend so I had no time to squeeze in any writing. Therefore just a quick post.

I was preparing for Christmas before we even had Halloween, I'm definitely a Christmas person, and so here's some of my wishlist this winter:

1: I confess: I already have my Christmas jumper.
I nabbed this sample at work and I can't wait to get it on! The perks of my job are definitely the free clothes and I take no prisoners when the sample sales start. 

2: I've posted this mug before; I'm obsessed with mugs. 
It is so girly and so pretty and I have my fingers crossed that someone somewhere sees this post and buys it for me for Christmas! It's from giftsandpieces.com if you want to buy your own (or buy it for me...)

3: Another weird phase I'm going through is doughnuts.
I think they are the new cupcake, so cute, girly and pretty to look at and oh so wonderful to indulge in. This is again from New Look and I so want it.

4: Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie set.
I really don't need to explain, I get candles every year from someone and I go through them at a rate of nots. This trio is on my list this year.

5: Topshop advent calendar.
I still get chocolate ones from my Mum (and now my housemates Mum) but I have to admit I've been intrigued since Topshop started bringing out their jewellery calendars. For only £25, considering I love Freedom jewellery, I'm sure this would be worth it.

6: Unicorn slippers! {New Look}
I buy boring slippers. Like ugg style brown boring slippers, I stick to what I know. Really though a part of me just wants big fun novelty slippers that aren't practical to walk round in because it's Christmas and there's no better reason.

7: Continuing on in my unicorn theme with a unicorn hottie from Topshop
I have a wonderful heatable hootie that I love but admittedly he's getting a little old and my housemates complain he now smells of porridge oats instead of lavendar, so I may have to invest in a new one. I can't get another owl so I'll settle for a pretty pink unicorn.

Until next time,
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  1. I had no idea topshop did advent calendars, will definitely be making a purchase!! Xx