Monday, 20 October 2014

Winter Beauty Staples

I was lucky enough to be given some goodies from Vaseline on Friday and they couldn't be better suited to me. This little pink make-up bag (which is perfectly sized to fit the make-up I take to work with me) came with some equally pink products inside. Hand me anything pink and white and I'm putty in your hands.

I don't need to harp on to anyone about how amazing the classic vaseline tubs are because, lets face it, everybody already knows. I myself get really dry lips in winter and they can be left cracked and horrible if I don't take really good care of them so I have lip balm at work, by my bed and in my handbag at all times and vaseline is my all time favourite. This rose and almond one also smells amazing (and looks really cute beside my bed because... it's pink!).

Another thing I have everywhere (bedside table, make-up bag, handbag, desk at work) is hand cream. People often ask why because I don't actually suffer from dry hands on my skin at all however I do have this really weird thing where I want my hands to be smelling amazing at all times. I've always bought the yellow vaseline hand cream in the past as it seems to be the one I see everywhere but this pink one smells so good I know it will be replacing my previous in no time.

Vaseline is a brand I always turn to in winter when cracks in my skin (quite literally) start to show, I have really sensitive skin so I always stick with brands I know. 

What are your winter beauty staples?

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