Wednesday, 8 October 2014

iPhone Fun

So I got myself a new phone recently as I've been dealing with an 8gb iPhone 4 for far too long. I didn't cave to the iPhone 6 hype - I'm not overly fussed on fancy phones - so I went for a 5 instead as it was a lot cheaper (I got a good deal). In the past few months I've gone off having photos as my background and instead have been downloading wallpapers to use so I thought I'd share my favourites with you.

I currently have the paisley wallpaper and a little quote as my lock screen, I would happily get some of these framed for my wall!

Hopefully you enjoy.

Until next time,
 photo llg.png


  1. I have to agree with using wallpapers instead of photos, it definitely gets boring after a while.

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  2. I love these, especially the Paisley, the stripes and the pink painting. Which one to choose? For more cute iphone backgrounds, try The Wonder Forest's blog. My faves are these fruity ones:

    Faye x

  3. these are so pretty!! I really like the thanks for sharing! :)


  4. Oo love the donut one! I need to change my background more often I feel, I think I would notice it more if it was a inspiring quote or image.

    Thanks for the inspo :)
    Anna xxx