Thursday, 11 September 2014

Office Life

So, if you read the last post, you'll know that I am now officially employed and I thought it was finally time to give you a little insight into my office seeing as I've now been there a whole month (how fast did that go!?)
I learnt in my first couple of days that notepads were my life at work. I write absolutely everything down and, in all honesty, I might as well not turn up to my meetings without a notepad. Mondays I have back to back meetings from 12pm until finish at half 5 so remembering everything that goes on without make notes is impossible. Of course I couldn't deal with having plain A4 notepads either, I'm currently using an A5 pink polka dot but I'm all too excited to move onto my next ones.
The owl notebook was a gift from my boyfriends Mum and it's super thick and then the pink notebook was a gift from my boyfriends sister after she spent a month in Thailand this summer. I think it is so so pretty and I love the fact it isn't lined - I tend to write all over my pages rather than sticking in the lines anyway.

People tell me they can't get through the day without their coffee, I don't have that problem but I do have the problem that I can't make it through the day without my green tea. It's a total comfort when I'm stressed and the Twinings flavoured teas are my favourite. Mango & Lychee or Pineapple & Grapefruit are my top picks and I keep my favourite mugs at work.

I still haven't managed to get a pot for my pens (our stationary order from 4 weeks ago still hasn't been delivered) so everything is kind of sitting under my computer screen but one thing I always have to have on my desk is hand cream or sanitiser. I generally don't get dry skin on my hands at all but I have a weird obsession with having nice smelling hands and this L'Occitane cream is my favourite, I have three tubes in my handbag. My boyfriend says he thinks it smells clinical but I think it's a perfect subtle smell.

Lastly my calendar, which I actually found unused in the cupboard, is a New Look own calendar. I always have to have a calendar by the computer - I spend a large potion of my day dealing with FOB dates, delivery dates, time periods between fit samples and pre-production samples and god knows what else so having this at my fingertips is absolutely essential. 

As you can see I've been crossing off my days in the calendar above (and if you're wondering the circled days are my NLAcademy training days) as we are fast approaching my 23rd birthday! I genuinely can't believe I'm 23, the past year has gone so quickly, but hopefully I'll have some exciting pics to share with you as I'm heading home for it.

Hope you enjoyed an insight into my desk, until next time,

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  1. Yay for us 23 year olds! My birthday is just under a month away now and I feel your pain. 23 sounds so much more ADULT than 22 doesn't it?

    I love your notebooks by the way! xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion

    1. It sounds so much older! 22 is young, 23 is old haha. Thanks for dropping by lovely! xx

  2. Those are the cutest notebooks I've ever seen! I'm turning 22 next month... I can't believe it... I remember when I was 13 wishing I was 18... now I'm 21 wishing I was 13


    1. so scary isn't it haha. Thanks for visiting, I'm obsessed with pretty notebooks and I adore my elephant one :) xx