Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Nearly Moving Time!

In one weeks time I am finally going to be in my new house in South London and I cannot wait. It will probably come as absolutely no surprise that I am, therefore, lusting after home ware products. I found the site Gifts & Pieces when they started following me on Twitter.

It doesn't take genius to work out, even just based on the home page featured above, that this site is right up my street. Pale pinks, blues and - of course - crisp whites are featured in every section and I could honestly buy the whole collection if I had the money. Until I win the lottery though, that just isn't an option, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite picks.

001: I am a little obsessed with having nice mugs, and totally possessive over them which drives everyone nuts, and I honestly think the above is one of the prettiest I've seen. I am desperate for this (why didn't I put it on my birthday list!?)!

002: I'm terrible for cluttering up desk and beside table space with keys and oyster cards and whatever else I have stuffed in my pockets during the day so this cute little wooden key box would totally tidy up my mess

003: I've seen loads of people with a little bunny version of this jewellery dish (which Gifts & Pieces also do) and I always think it looks really pretty but I have to admit I'm a sucker for a good unicorn, I love his little gold horn.

004: This candle is so pretty! I used to be totally wary of buying candles online because you can't actually smell them - obviously - but my boyfriend bought me one from an online story which I adored so now I feel a bit more trustworthy. This particularly one is Rose & Fig, which has long been a scent I love.

005: I fear that my house when I get older will look a lot like my Mum's house does now because I love the way she decorates and she has a really similar letter holder in her kitchen. I hate throwing documents away and I never have proper storage for anything so this would be perfect!

006: I have a confession; in all my life (that I can remember) I have never had a stand up mirror on my dressing table. I have no idea why, I just never ever have and I can tell you now it's something I desperately want. I love the subtle heart detailing on this.

007: There's a shop near my parents home on the Isle of Man that sells this line of candles and, whilst they are a little small for my liking, they always have the strongest scents. Anything sweet and fruity is perfect for me and I love the way the tin and wax is decorated.

All the links for the above are detailed underneath the products but if you want to just have a general browse then the site is

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