Wednesday, 3 September 2014


ONE: On Saturday Alex and I popped over to the food market just off the Kings Road and it's just the most indulgent place. We had duck confit sandwiches and struggled to choose dessert because of the amazing things on offer. These egg custard tarts and cookies were so homemade and rustic looking that I couldn't resist a photo.

TWO: We ended up choosing fudge because we both like it - a rarity in our relationship when it comes to dessert. we got vanilla cookies and cream made with real oreos. So delicious, I could have eaten bars of it.

THREE: This little cupcake stall is too cute and you can buy boxes of 9 mini cupcakes for under £10 which is such a great idea for a gift.

FOUR: I've been to the market with friends before and we ended up spending an entire day wandering round the streets because it's so beautiful so of course I dragged Alex down every little street we could find. It's such a stunning area and so quiet. I particularly love the tree lined streets like these which are full of pastel coloured houses.

FIVE: The last of my Chelsea photos was this beautiful housing estate a couple of streets from the main road. The ivy growing up the side was so beautiful, it looked like something from a movie set.

SIX: On Sunday we walked down to Abbeville then onto Balham where we had breakfast then back to Clapham Common to chill out. The common is so massive, it's such a lovely place to sit at the weekend, particularly round the little duck ponds.

SEVEN: I was a little too excited to find the new Coca-Cola product in Sainsburys this weekend so I had to pick it up. I have to admit I was totally disappointed, it tasted exactly like full fat coke (I normally just drink diet) and, even though it claims to be 'healthier' it still has 136 calories in a bottle. I think I'll stick to my diet coke for the time being.

EIGHT: I am the type of person who will go and stand in a queue no matter what it's for - my logic is: if people are queuing then there has to be something worth queuing for. That is how we ended up in Mr A's in Balham for breakfast and it was such a good shout. If you want a greasy fry up and a cup of tea done well, this is the place to be.

That's all for now, until next time,
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  1. All the food looks delicious!
    Cute photos

    Jennifer Jayne xx

    1. It really was! Thanks so much for visiting :) xx

  2. The cupcakes look so yummy!! And that's funny about you waiting in line just because others are... I feel like when I see a long line I'm always like "what's going on!? Let's go line up!" Lol


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