Monday, 1 September 2014


A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I'd tried out the new Oatly dairy free milk. Well I was lucky enough to be invited to the Break-fest event that Oatly put on in Brixton at the weekend to promote the product. On entry we were given natural energy drinks in orange and mango flavour (see below). This was actually really tasty and - because of the oat milk in it - had the texture of a smoothie.

After we went in we wandered over to the 'rabbit jumping' section where I had the pleasure of meeting Colin, the UKs smallest rabbit, and watch some incredibly large rabbits (that are bread to look like hares) jumping over teeny tiny jumps. 
There was tons of free stuff at the event made with Oatly products from banana muffins to pancakes. I personally thought the pancakes were crazy delicious - the Oatly made them really doughy which is exactly how I like them!

The best part of the festival however, had to be the 'lie in lounge'; an area set up with beds, blankets, alarm clocks and bedside tables. You were allocated 20 minutes per bed (otherwise people would have stayed all day) and brought a banana-berry-smoothie to drink whilst you chilled out. Even better the beds faced the stage where the bands were playing so you got perfect views.

We tried to dip our toes into a little bit of everything on offer and it was a really great way to start a Saturday; free breakfast and healthy smoothies. I never really think of using milk or milk substitutes but the recipes for the smoothies and muffins were provided on the back of your festival pass so I may just use these in the future!

I've got more exciting posts coming this week and hopefully I finally have LLG back on track after a crazy busy two weeks at work so...
Until next time!
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