Monday, 22 September 2014

Borough Market

I'm so sorry that my posts have dwindled to one a week recently - I've been out a lot and not had much time to put together blog posts. I'm taking a long Sunday tomorrow to do some planning so hopefully the posts will be coming a little more regularly in the next few weeks!

Anyway a quick weekend update.
My favourite thing about weekends are that you've got all day to wander and do nothing without worrying about work in the morning, and a lot of the time this is exactly what I do. London is such a vast, exciting place to explore that there's never a lack of things to do. We braved it this weekend and headed to Borough Market next to London Bridge. I say braved it because you have to be brave to deal with the weekend crowds in that area but it's definitely worth it if you have patience.

It was the millennium anniversary of the market on Saturday and they were doing a 'footsteps in time' event where they had big tubs of soluble paint (so it didn't stay on your shoes - thank god) that you stood in and walked around so the floor was littered with coloured foot prints. I was wearing my favourite suede ankle boots, which are black, so despite being told repeatedly it would wash off easily I didn't partake but Alex did!

The best thing about any market is the food on offer I mean free tasters and at Borough there is a lot on offer. From hot to cold, savoury breads to Pimms flavoured ice cream; we even found Isle of Man Kippers! This was one of the stands that looked the most enticing to me with piles of croissants, sourdough and Italian breads and oozing doughnuts in every size and colour.

The bad part of the market is the free tasters are generally limited to savoury food. I managed to get some ice cream tasters for free but chocolates never offer any out - maybe because they cost 80p per mini chocolate (as above) but they do look so delicious. I forgot to snap a picture of the huge slabs of white and milk chocolate on the end of this stand which looked to die for.

This photo is a bit cliché and, if you have friends that live in or have visited London, then you've probably seen this before. Right next to the market is a little walkway with restaurants and as you round the corner you're greeted with this colourful display of umbrellas suspended above your head. It might be a picture everyones taken but I just couldn't resist, it's such a wonderful thing to wander underneath.

That's all for now, until next time,

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