Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Birthday Treats

I've been a little social media absent this weekend as I travelled home Friday morning and spent the weekend with family and my boyfriend and - in my family - getting a spare 2 minutes is rare!
However I am now back online and here's a blog post for you all to enjoy. I turned 23 on Sunday so I thought I'd share some of the little gifts I got with you. I unfortunately forgot to photograph one of my best presents (which hasn't made it back to the UK with me as my parents are bringing it over in a few weeks) which was a little white cushion with the caption 'Although she be but little, she is fierce' on it - my favourite quote and my blog tag line.

It's a bit of a tradition for my boyfriend to buy me Hotel Chocolat chocolates on my birthday, they are my absolute favourites but a bit pricey for every day gifts. I've posted on here before that I'm obsessed with the M&S pink champagne truffles so Alex thought he'd see if these were as good (they were). I also got dizzy praline - a trusted favourite - and billionaire's shortbread, which I haven't tried yet.

This was one of those things that I was just over the moon to receive, even though it doesn't seem like a big present. Frankie is my absolute favourite magazine, I could literally cut out and frame every page as decoration for my house, but really (at £7.50) it's just too expensive to buy regularly so I was ecstatic to have this to read on the plane back to London.

This was a gift from my boyfriend's parents and I think I've featured the perfume on here before. I got it as a leaving present when I was working at Glamour Magazine and it's quickly become my favourite day perfume. Generally I am very fond of D&G (number 3 for day and Desire for evenings) but this is so light and floral that it's perfect for work.

Lastly I couldn't resist featuring the blogger staple of a Yankee Candle. I'm a total cliché in that I'm obsessed with yankee. My Mum hates the flavours I choose because I do always go for overly sweet ones, I think it's because they always smell so strong and I tend to find with subtler scents that you have to have them burning for hours before you notice the smell. This is one I haven't tried before and oh my goodness it smells amazing and it's pink! Perfect for my new house (which I am finally moving into in a couple of weeks!!).

That's all I could share this evening so I'll now go and tuck into my chocolates.

Until next time,
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  1. Happy late birthday! Those chocolates so delicious :)


  2. Happy belated birthday! Having serious Hotel Chocolat cravings right now.