Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Realities of the London House Hunt

You find a group of friends to live with, you secure yourself a job, you find somewhere to stay whilst you hunt for your dream home. It's all going perfectly and the hunting for your perfect house can only go well right? Wrong. Here's the reality of the four bed house hunt in London.

Expectation: You'll view a few houses and spend some time deciding which one you loved the most before putting in an offer
Reality: You'll view close to a hundred houses and will have to decide which one you hated the least before making a decision on the same day you viewed it, because someone else will have put in an offer in the morning

Expectation: You'll sign on with one or two estate agents 
Reality: You'll sign on with every estate agent in London - including the dodgy one that provides no pictures - and you'll give your details to so many you'll forget and end up sending your details several times

Expectation: Your estate agent will have a heart and understand your requirements, helping you as much as they can
Reality: Your estate agent will flirt with you indecently (no matter what their gender or sexual orientation) and only offer houses significantly over your budget, miles from transportation or civilisation in general

Expectation: You will be fully aware of the high prices of the city and therefore increase your budget so you're able to find something that's actually quite nice
Reality: Unless you're a multi-millionaire, be prepared to be mostly shown round crack dens and ex-council buildings because that's all your budget (which is 3/4 of your wage) can stretch to

Expectation: You'll put a reasonable offer in which will be accepted straight away
Reality: 10 other people will also put offers in and it will become a vicious battle to see who can offer the most money/provide the least furniture/be the estate agents closest friend

Expectation: Viewing houses is fun
Reality: Spending 7 hours viewing 4 houses that were all miles away from each other is actually pretty draining and will make you dread looking again next year

On the plus side here we do officially have a house so look forward to some interiors posts and I can safely say I've done enough house viewings to last me a lifetime.

Until next time,
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  1. Glad you guys found a house. Been room hunting in London myself recently and it's just an absolute nightmare... :'( and I could relate to this post so much. 100% accurate. When you've been successful, however, it's at least a tad funny.

    xx Cakilicious
    Brighton and Back

  2. This made me laugh! I am glad you managed to find a decent place! I'm moving to London in a couple of months my self, and I'm NOT looking forward to the hunt nor the prices. Decorating on the other hand... I will follow your blog for updates on interior!

    X Maria

  3. This is SO true. We started looking at houses in October and only just moved into our place at the end of June. Such a stressful time xx