Monday, 4 August 2014

My Week via Instagram

A little Instagram update for you... I haven't been snapping photos so much recently, I feel like I'm too busy for it to cross my mind! However I have taken a few so here's a life update.

001: I saw this image on Pinterest recently and I couldn't help but Instagram it. I've been interning/job searching/deciding for the past few weeks and I really never give myself time to celebrate what I do, I suppose I'm a bit cynical - I don't like to celebrate things like jobs or internships in case they fall through, but actually it's important to recognise every achievement.

002: This nude nail varnish was a Topshop one that I borrowed from a friend when we had a girly night last weekend and I think it's such a gorgeous colour. My favourite nail colours right now are nudes, whites and greys as they just go with everything. 

003: I ordered my first free Graze box the other day, I actually had an account with Graze years ago but I closed it as I'm super picky with food and ended up 'binning' most options (to the point they even emailed and asked if there was a problem...) but they've added so many great choices recently. I had the sweet & salty popcorn, herby bread basket, thai rice crackers with sweet chilli dip and a lemon curd flapjack. All absolutely delicious.

004: So yesterday morning I went to the top of Clapham to trawl round estate agents as I'm house searching at the moment and I passed Venn Street market. I've been told it's really good but I always forget it's on at the weekends! These gorgeous flowers were at the start of the market, displayed in big metal buckets (I love when florists display them like that!). There was tons of food, groceries and baked goods, it was tough not to buy everything. 

That's all for now, until next time,

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  1. Gorgeous photos - Love the flowers, they are gorgeous! I would totally want to buy everything if I lived near Venn Market :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches