Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Healthy Hearty Oatly

I'm a very calorie conscious person but I'll admit, sometimes I forget about health. This sounds stupid, I am very health conscious in many ways but one thing I don't focus on is things like vitamin and calcium content, I actually drink almost no milk at all. So when Georgie over at Mischief PR told me about Oatly products - an organic oat drink, a milk substitute - I was super excited to try it out. The best part is you can buy it in Sainsburys! I often trek to health stores to buy vitamin and calcium substitute products and it's a total nightmare.

The packaging for this is so lovely as well which, as a blogger who photographs everything I buy, is a big plus in my books. I'll be the first to admit it doesn't taste exactly like milk but, for me, that's not an issue as I hate milk. I probably still wouldn't drink this by itself but, as it's also really low calorie, it's a great milk substitute for my porridge. The bad news is the chocolate Oatly was totally sold out in Sainsburys and I really wanted to try it, hopefully next time I go in it'll be in stock! 
Can you imagine, healthy, low cal, tasty chocolate milk? 

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