Sunday, 6 July 2014

Work Wear

I'm lucky in that the industry I work in doesn't require a strict dress code; as long as your sticking with trends then turning up in trainers or boyfriend jeans is totally acceptable. I haven't, however, always been so lucky. Prior to moving to London I worked in administrations where you either wore a uniform or a suit. I've had a few people ask me recently for work-wear inspired post so today is all about how to dress well at work without breaking the dress codes.

I firmly believe the right shoes is the key to the right outfit at work and if ever there was a perfect shoe moment in fashion it's right now. There are so many shoe trends that are acceptable for work that you have no excuse; strappy sandals and backless mules are my top choices.
I didn't include any jackets in these because honestly right now I applaud anyone who could wear a jacket to work in London and not arrive dripping in sweat. However both of these looks could be teamed with a simple black, tailored blazer for the colder cities and still look amazing.
I think it's important to keep accessories simple - a nice watch and a classic bag are enough to set off an outfit like this.
I also think confidence is totally key when dressing for work. That sounds cheesy but hear me out. When I was working in admin, pretty much everyone dressed as plain as you could imagine - it wasn't the type of place you explored your fashion sense - and it was tempting in the mornings to throw on something boring and unflattering because 1: I knew it wouldn't look out of place and 2: I was working so I couldn't actually be bothered with much effort. However with the right wardrobe (a few pairs of tailored, on-trend trousers and pretty but conservative tops) it really isn't much of an effort!

Do you think these outfits would be appropriate for your workplace? What do you wear to work?

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  1. Both those shoes are adorable!

    1. I know! The white mules are Topshop & the sandals are Missguided, totally gorgeous xx