Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ugly Sandals & Crop Tops

These jeans have become my new favourite thing to wear, I got them in the Topshop sale (Petite section). Unfortunately they only had size 10s but I loved them too much to resist so I bought them and moved the button hole to make them smaller... I don't think you can tell!
The crop top was £6 from New Look and it's a nice length, I don't like any too short because I think it looks odd to wear out during the day but this has more of a 90s feel to it, and the high neck is super cute. I chose not to accessorise at all with this outfit as I don't really think it needs anything else - simple summer clothes.

I had to feature a picture of my nails because I'm totally proud of how well I manicured them this week. I've been working on growing them as I'm not playing netball at the moment and it's going so well and this baby pink colour is super cute. I have to admit though I bought it for £1 (it's MUA from Boots) and it doesn't apply brilliantly, but for £1 how can I complain?

These sandals are my next favourite thing. Just £5 from Primark and so easy to throw on. The ugly sandal trend totally caught me off guard and if anyone told me that I'd be wearing Birkenstock style shoes this summer I'd have laughed in their face but I've fallen hook, line and sinker for these sandals!

Until next time,
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  1. Lovely simple outfit, so glad you didn't accessorise as it really doesn't need anything else :) I also really love the slider sandals trend right now, yours were such a bargain! xx