Monday, 28 July 2014

Skincare Regime from a Skincare Virgin

Here's a confession: I'm terrible with skincare.
Like terrible to the point where until recently I pretty much had no skincare routine whatsoever. I've been blessed all my life with good skin. I rarely get spots and the only complaint I can think to flag up is occasionally I do get bouts of dry skin, but it's quickly curable with moisturiser.
However a combination of stress, heat and muggy London air has forced me to re-evaluate how I approach my skin and I thought I'd share the products that - from a novice - have worked for me.

001: Because I've never been big on skincare I wanted to make sure I found a routine that was easy and simple, nothing I would end up giving up after a few months (similarly to how I approach exercise regimes!). I have very very sensitive eyes that prevent me from using any liquid make-up remover or scented wipes. So far these Boots essentials for dry skin range have proved a top pick as a skincare base. 

002: My simple routine essentially consists of make-up removal, exfoliate and moisturise so the exfoliation is key. I have tried a number of scrubs in the past that I've just thrown out because I felt they made no difference whatsoever but I think this Botanics range works a dream and it's really cheap. It's not too heavy and it reveals brighter skin, so even when I don't have black heads I notice a difference (which totally encourages me to keep using it!)

003: For me moisturiser is the absolute key to the routine. You may have seen a few posts ago that my top moisturiser pick is actually Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion - this hasn't changed, it's an amazing beauty addition, but my purse strings are a little tight at the moment so my top pick budget moisturiser is Simple. Personally I find clinically-clean products the best, the less additives the better and Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion ticks all the boxes. 

004: Okay so this is my ohmygod-it's-amazing product at the moment. I used it at a friends house recently and my skin felt like silk afterwards. I love Soap & Glory products but I've never tried this particular range. At just under £8 it's a totally affordable face-mask to have in the cupboard for a once a week (or less if you don't need it) option to keep your skin clean and fresh. It also heats up whilst you use it, which I love!

If you have any advice for this skincare virgin, please feel free to share!
Until next time,

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