Friday, 18 July 2014

Little London Girl hits Manchester

Last weekend I took a trip up to Manchester to visit my boyfriend, it's so nice to get a break from London sometimes! Anyway I thought I'd give you an update on what we got up to. I have only now realised that 90% of what we did involved eating food...

01: Alex is always pretty good at turning up with a gift when we meet and clearly he knows me all too well as one of my presents this weekend was a tub of Betty Crocker Buttercream icing. Total indulgent {embarrassing} confession - I like to eat it out of the tub with a spoon. Don't judge until you've tried it!

02: My second gift was Guylian chocolates... I'm pretty sure he bought these because he wanted to share but I think I let him have two at most because they're so ridiculously delicious!

03: On Monday we went for tea and cake at this sweet little place in Manchester's Northern Quarter called Teacup and Cakes. They have this huge range of teas which suits me down to the ground; I had Jade Tip Green Tea.

04: The name might give it away but Teacup and Cakes also have an insane range of cakes on offer. Everything from Rainbow cake to Brownies topped with cookie dough and peanut butter. There was no way I could eat a whole piece to myself so we settled on White Chocolate & Poppy Seed cake to share and it was amazing.

05: I've been job searching recently and it's a long and painful process so I met a friend for dinner last night to cheer me up and she sent this little quote after we left... I had to feature it because I love it!

06: My new SkechIt phone cover is too perfect, I love the colour and it's such a protective case. Considering I've smashed my phone before, that's pretty important to me.

07: Another shot of our tea morning, Alex ordered a coffee and they give you these cute jars for the sugar.

08: I had to feature my new heels because I'm in love. Only £25 from New Look and so beautiful! Admittedly I bought them as a pair of comfy shoes and so far they've proved quite the opposite but I'm hoping with a bit of wearing in they'll be better.

09: Last but not least we went to Almost Famous in the Northern Quarter for lunch {can you tell I like the Northern Quarter...?} . I've been told about Almost Famous by people before and it was such a great place to go, you wouldn't notice it if you weren't looking as it's a tiny door leading up a staircase. They have sweets dotted round the place that you can help yourself to and the burgers are amazing. The best part? Definitely the bacon bacon fries; that's fries with bacon mayonnaise and bacon pieces. To die for. 

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