Friday, 4 July 2014

How To: Chill Out

I think it's quite easy when you live in a city like London, to get use to the fast paced lifestyle so much that it becomes completely normal to not relax. Consequently when I make a trip back to my hometown, the Isle of Man, where 'tranquil' is an understatement, I am reminded of the importance of taking time to chill out.
My favourite thing to do to achieve this - something I always make time for at home but never in the city - is take a long, hot bubble bath. Here's my recipe for the perfect soak.

First off you need something lavender scented. I think sometimes lavender is a little like marmite, you either love it or hate it, but if you love it then this is the time to make full use of it. It's a very natural way to relax yourself. I use Original Source lavender & tea tree shower gel as bubble bath but there are plenty of luxury bubble baths, bath salts & bath bombs with this scent.

I really love to go full on pampering session when I have a bath, makes it all the more relaxing. So I get all my favourite products to indulge in. In my opinion there is no better shampoo than Aussie, and I've tried a lot of shampoos. These were just the ones we have in the house but I usually use a deep treatment conditioner which I leave on for a good 10 minutes or so.

The absolute key to a successful bath is candles. 100%. This is - of course - lavender scented but it is also one of about 30 candles that I put around the bath. If you're thinking that's a little pricey then here's my trick; you don't need anything scented as your bath will smell pretty great on it's own so buy two or three large jar candles and then then just plain tea lights will provide the same atmosphere.

This feels like a very random post. I was sat waiting for the bath to finish running and thought 'I'll share this on my blog' and then realised I have truly transitioned into full-on blogger mode 24/7.

What do you do to relax?

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