Saturday, 12 July 2014

Glamour Magazine & Charity Shop Finds

01: Even though I'm meeting Amy, the PA at Glamour, for dinner and she would more than happily bring a free copy of August Glamour for me, I just couldn't wait. When I met the girls for lunch a couple of weeks ago they excitedly announced I would be published for the third time in the magazine so I had to get my hands on the latest issue. (check out page 33 for my writing)

02: Another reason I decided to splash out with my £2 and buy the issue is because of the free gift! The editions that come into the office rarely get given out with the freebies still attached. Anyway this is literally my all time favourite moisturiser, I do occasionally suffer from dry skin and every so often a little eczema on my face and Clinique clears it up in one go. I unfortunately had to stop buying it as it's £30 for a large bottle but fingers crossed the sample lasts!

03: I look a little strange in the above photo, not sure why I thought it would be clever to upload it for the world to see... 
So - I confess - I'm not normally a charity-shop-find kind of girl. I like my clothes brand new and I have little patience for sifting through rails of ugly clothing to find a gem (total kudos to those who do have the patience!) however, there is an AgeConcern on Clapham High Street that always has some fabulous products in the window. This week they had French Connection shoes, not my size but still beautiful, and a stunning pale green snake-skin handbag. So I decided to sneak in and take a look. I came out with no clothes - shoes started at size 5 and up and most clothes started at size 10 - but this gorgeous mirror was just £3.99. Bargain.

04: Also from the charity shop was this little Cadbury's tin. They had vintage printed coasters, tins and key-rings and I probably could have walked out with the lot because I'm obsessed with that kind of design. However I resigned myself to just one tin for £1 (coasters were only 75p so I may have to go back...). Totally perfect for things like hair grips and bobbles.

That's all for now, back with an update soon
Until next time,
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  1. I love the freebies with glamour this month, I picked up the chubby picks!

    Hannah Heartss x

    1. I was tempted as I've not tried chubby sticks yet but I love this moisturiser too much to pass it up! x

  2. I cannot find, these bloody chubby sticks anywhere ugh haha xo

  3. I've nominated you for an Inspiring Blogger Award!

    Faye x