Thursday, 26 June 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Why should #TBT only be for social media?
Last year my boyfriend and I graduated from University and jet-setted off to the USA where we spent a month backpacking down the east coast. It was easily one of the best experiences of my life and if someone said I could do it all again I'd go in a heart beat! 
So I put together a few of my favourite shots.
There's something about America that feels like an old fashioned movie all the time. We were constantly stumbling across places like the Bar-B-Q venue above that looked like a movie set. We even got given milk-duds at 11AM when we went for brunch at the famous Lou Mitchell's.
Another thing I noticed when putting together these photos is that a lot of them involved food. There seemed to be food round every corner and it was all insane sized portions (see the burger and chips above that nearly killed us).
Also I should explain the cat...
Our hostel in Boston was a 2 minute walk from an animal shelter which we passed every day. There was puppies out in the yard all the time and I'm a little animal obsessed so I insisted we go in to see them and we came across this gorgeous kitten. It was so nervous and shakey that at first I didn't want to hold it then as soon as we took him out of his cage he curled up in my boyfriends hat and fell asleep. It was the calmest he'd ever been. I would have walked away with him then and there if we lived in the US!

Anyway that's all for now, until next time
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