Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Simple Chic

I know I've been a little blog absent recently - it's a been a crazy week. I was away all weekend with friends and then my final project was due in yesterday morning so I was up until 2AM getting that done. So todays post is just a quick one and hopefully I'll have more to offer come Friday (I say hopefully because I am also moving house this week so things are about to get even more hectic!).

I'm super short on money at the moment so clothes shopping is going on the back burner but I thought I'd share with you the latest outfit I'm dreaming of. The shoes are really cheap New Look ones so I may actually treat myself to these...

The weather here is so hot at the moment that jackets are totally unnecessary so I'm wearing a lot of trouser/crop top combos. Also because of the heat I'm using smaller bags so I don't have anything on my shoulders!

Anyway, this is brief but hopefully enough to keep you satisfied until I have time for more!!

Until next time,
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