Monday, 23 June 2014

Why #shortgirlproblems Are Actually Pretty Great

I read an article recently that listed all these reasons why it was so terrible to be a short person. I'm 5ft tall with size 3 feet and - yes - there are some downsides to being teeny tiny but there are some really great advantages to being little too. 
So if you're a shorty like me then let me know if you relate and if you're not, then be prepared to be jealous.
{oh and a side note on the header image, if you couldn't guess, I'm the one in pink}
1. Most guys are taller than you (and usually the ones that aren't are not ones you want to date)
2. You get called cute.
I've heard a lot of people complain about this but seriously? It's a compliment!
3. You can shop in the kids section and save a whole lot of money 
Seriously I bought some new Nike running shoes recently; in the adult section they were £50, kids £25
4. You get out of lifting heavy things because they probably weigh as much as you do
5. You never ever have to bend down in a photo
6. Not enough leg room on an aeroplane? What does that even mean?
7. In sport you'll pretty much always be underestimated because of your little legs so it's easy to impress
8. At standing-only events, people generally don't complain if you stand in front of them because, well, it pretty much makes no difference to what they can see
9. Worried about wearing a dress that's too short? No problem, no one will ever be near enough to the ground to be able to tell
10. You're much less likely to get hurt when you fall because you're closer to the ground
Until next time ;)
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  1. I read a similar article;p it's crazy how many things I could relate to:p the best is aeroplanes-whilst everyone is moaning and complaining about space we'll be there siting and chilling:p and also with the short dress is so true! A short skirt can look 'normal' length on us yet inappropriate on a taller frame;p fab post:) x
    |Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog|

    1. Exactly! Thanks for dropping by :) xx

  2. Really love this - great post! Lovely to see some positive things about being short as i mostly see it as a problem having short legs! :)

    xx Charlie
    A Place for Charlie

    1. I know I'm so guilty for complaining about being short, always look on the bright side ;) Thanks for visiting! E xx

  3. We're the same size (and size feet) so could definitely relate, the plane one made me laugh because I always say how I have no problems with leg room space, we flew him premium economy from our honeymoon and I had so much room was amazing.
    The standing only events actually annoy me because no one has ever let m stand in front of them and I can never see over the taller people in front :( I love that skirts and dresses are never too short tho!

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

    1. Thanks for visiting lovely! I'm always browsing your blog so nice to see you here!!
      Yeah the standing events can be win or lose, most of the time I force myself in front of people and they rarely complain because I make no difference to their vision anyway haha. Glad you can relate and thanks for stopping by :) xxx

  4. Haha love these, one of my friends is 5ft too and she half loves it half hates it!

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