Monday, 9 June 2014

{Not So} Lazy Sundays

Weather in London recently has been so frustrating - one minute it's pouring with rain and the next it's hotter than Ibiza (literally) so it is hard to plan your days. However, luckily this Sunday brought the blazing sun so my boyfriend and I got straight into Highbury & Islington to enjoy it.

If you're thinking about visiting Islington then Lonsdale Square is worth a look and The Albion pub is worth a drink! The above photo isn't the most flattering but I was desperate to showcase my new white H&M trousers this weekend, they fit like an absolute glove. 
On the right is Highbury park which is my favourite place to chill on a sunny day. It's packed full of groups barbecuing so a blanket, some drinks and a long afternoon is all you need.

I found this cute baby blue bike chained up outside this wall whilst we were walking and - being a typical blogger - I couldn't resist an impromptu photo shoot. The shoes were actually purchased on the day of the Glamour awards as I decided, last minute, that I should probably have some flats just in case my feet are crippled by my 6-inch heels. They are a simple slingback from New Look but totally gorgeous with any outfit - the only problem is my feet have ended up severely blistered from them. 
I suffer for fashion.

On the way out of the park, as we headed home, we stumbled across a guy selling second hand books laid out on a blanket near the tube station. I'm a sucker for books so I stopped to see if anything took my fancy and this amazing book of Vogue covers was there. It's got covers from way back and for a measly £5 I just couldn't resist.
If you read my recent posts you'll know I'm a sucker for marc de champagne truffles - which my boyfriend regularly buys when he visits. This weekend I came down with an absolutely awful cold which, after a full day in the sun and a long walk, had left me dizzy, coughing like a smoker and very teary (so teary in fact that when I knocked my funny bone on the side of the bed I started sobbing... #pathetic!). So when the boyf nipped out to the gym he returned with a Marc de Champagne Magnum in hand to cheer me up.
If you're wondering; they are so worth cheating on a diet.

Until next time,
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  2. I love that outfit. I wish I could wear white but I'm so accident prone I'd ruin them within minutes if leaving the house! I love those Magnums too, I currently have one sat in my freezer ready for my next treat!

    1. I'm actually really accident prone... when we went and sat in the park I was so careful my trousers went nowhere near the grass! I'm lucky they made it back without a mark! E xx

  3. I love that bicycle. I've always wanted a vintage looking one :).
    Sounds like a lovely day...apart from your cold.

    1. Gorgeous isn't it! I wish I had one! x

  4. I've been tempted by those Magnums and now I see how delicious it looks I might have to give in!