Friday, 6 June 2014

Mini Manicure

A big downside to the industry I am currently working in is that everybody dresses impeccably and there's a constant urge to go out and spend every pay check on new clothes. The fact that my University sits directly outside Oxford Street doesn't help me resist these urges. So, yesterday, when I went to meet my tutor for lunch to discuss my project, I did have a moment of weakness and I nipped into H&M for a few basic items (that will be featured in an upcoming post). I was excited to see that, for one day only, H&M had a rewards day where, if you spent £25 or more in store, you got a free mini manicure. I hit the tills and added socks to my purchases to get me passed the £25 mark and went to get my manicure. Much to my disappointment this glamorous manicure actually turned out to be just two girls on the basement level with a pop up table. In a three story megastore two girls isn't exactly enough so there was, surprise surprise, a queue which I wasn't willing to wait in.
I went home feeling hard done by so I cheered myself up by doing my own manicure using some brand new gel varnishes I got in my awards goodie bag!
I don't normally opt for bright colours like this, I prefer off-whites, nudes and pale greys as an every day manicure but I had to try them out.

Firstly I'd like to say these varnishes are amazing, I didn't expect there to much of a difference with a gel varnish as opposed to a normal but they dry much much quicker, application is better and they come out with a gorgeous shine.

I also thought I'd share my manicure staples with you. Obviously I always have a large nail file on hand. On top of this I always put clear varnish on as a base coat. I literally always have colour on my nails, I very rarely go natural, and varnish can leave you with smokers hands (i.e. very yellowy nails) because of the pigment. Clear varnish eliminates this problem completely and also leaves you with a smooth top coat.

Lastly if you're wondering what product is my must-have for nail painting - I'm sure you were - then it is whole heartedly my Bourjois magic nail polish remove in 1 second. You stick your finger in the pot (which is filled with sponges that are soaked in nail varnish remover and scented almond oil) give a quick twist and you're nails are varnish free. It is a product I now could not live without!

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Until next time, 
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  1. Ooooh your nails look so lovely!
    THe packaging of these polishes are really cute to :D

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm a big nails inc fan but sometimes their packaging can look cheap so I love that these are super cute! E xx

  2. Love these colours together- so summery :)

    Faye x