Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Jewellery Haul

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Mara Jewellery recently about their new range. I hear a lot of people complaining about bloggers being sent things for free but I have absolutely no issue with it, and when it puts me in touch with brands like Mara, who I probably wouldn't have known about otherwise - it's a really wonderful way to explore smaller companies!
So when I got the packages through I couldn't wait to share what I'd been sent. I'm a jewellery fiend, my jewellery box literally doesn't contain everything I own but I do tend to go for very heavy items; costume jewellery mostly. Consequently I was really excited to see these products were small and delicate.

It's going to sound totally sad but the fact these came with ribbons was such a bonus. Firstly because it gives it a personal touch but secondly (here's the sad part) because I like to store ribbons. I'm like Monica from Friends with my ribbon drawer, because they come in so handy making things round the house look pretty!

I probably shouldn't pick favourites but the simple gold chain (above, left) was to die for. It's so delicate and pretty and it goes with pretty much any outfit. The black and gold I don't think I'd wear in the day so much but would be perfect on a night out. I really don't like wearing heavy jewellery when I'm out so this - with a simple LBD - would be a great look.

The bracelets, for me, stole the show. I am a jewellery fiend but I rarely seem the buy anything that doesn't sit round my neck. I have about three bracelets that I wear regularly and they were all gifts from other people. These, however, are gorgeous. They are simple and comfortable enough to wear during the day (I really don't like wearing hard bangles throughout the day) whilst the subtle triangle designs still give them that little bit of fashion edge.

That's all for now & I do have a busy week ahead as one of my best friends is visiting from Canada and we are going away for the weekend, so if blog posts are few and far between please forgive me, I won't be gone long!

Until next time,
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  1. Aww these look lovely and I agree with you....There is nothing wrong with being sent free things. It means that your readers get to know more about you and more about lovely companies. It's good to support other brands :).

    1. I think it's nice when it's a smaller brand that is producing really lovely products, it's nice to get them out there! Thanks for commenting lovely :) xx

  2. These are so pretty - love how dainty they are :) Have a fab time with your friend :) x
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  3. The brackets are really pretty. I am with you also on the gold simple chain looks lovely on Lucy

    1. Thanks so much, I love the gold chain! E xx