Friday, 20 June 2014

Boyfriend Jeans & Heroes

So first of all apologies... the blog posts at the moment are not as regular, as my life seems a little more than hectic right now! I'm trying to get a few scheduled for the next week to get back on track but bear with me!
This is just a quick update on life at the moment. I've now finished my postgrad at LCF and finished work at Glamour so I've got a bit of spare time and a lot of job interview prep to do. My tutors parting words to me were "when going for an interview, wear good shoes, the shoes will determine if you get the job." So today, despite having about 1000 pairs of shoes already, I hit Oxford Street to get some interview perfect shoes.
The bad news is I left Oxford Street with no shoes; I found a gorgeous pair in New Look that I wanted but, surprise surprise, they didn't have a size 3. Nowhere ever stocks size 3!
Instead I left with a few other items...
Now I do have justification for these purchases. I have dropped a couple of dress sizes recently and now none of my jeans fit and today I realised that even my leggings don't fit anymore, so I have maybe two pairs of trousers that I can wear and after that I'm stuck so ideally I needed a couple more.

I was so happy to find these boyfriend jeans in the Topshop sale. I have a very disproportionate waist to thigh ratio (my waist is a 6-8 and my thighs sit comfortably in a size 10) so buying jeans - especially boyfriend jeans - is virtually impossible!! I stumbled across these in the petite sale and snapped them up straight away.

I'm not entirely sure why I decided to include my box of heroes; they were on offer for £2 in Morrisons so I treated myself as a finishing present and I've pretty much polished off the entire box in 2 days.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now, until next time! 
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