Friday, 23 May 2014

Whats In Your Gym Bag?

If you read my blog or follow my twitter feed you'll know I'm a bit of a gym freak. I probably work out about 5 - 6 times a week on a good week, 2 on a bad week so - unsurprisingly - my trainers tend to fall apart fairly quickly. The plus is I have teeny tiny little feet ("baby feet" my sister calls them) so I can buy in the junior range! I splashed out on these gorgeous pink Nikes with a high arch & low heel.

So here's a little insight into my gym bag. I didn't realise until my trainer pointed it out but literally everything I take to the gym is pink. Well actually my trainers prior to these were white, blue and green but now I'm like the Elle Woods of the gym world.

The above maxitone bottle is my favourite. I saw it for £5 from Holland & Barrett, originally meant for shakes but I don't really drink shakes so it's really just a water bottle.

Finding a good pair of running leggings is so important to me but they can break the bank a little. I'm a huge fan of Nike & Adidas but, as I was trying to save money, I recently bought from the Activewear range at Forever 21 and they've actually proved pretty good!

I do a lot of classes at the gym (mainly because at my gym all classes are free!) and they always have the best music to get you going, so my playlist tends to stem from there. I don't often take my phone to the gym because I like to switch off but I never ever listen to music without in ear headphones - an absolute life saver on a treadmill - and these Realtrek ones are beyond amazing.

I'm supposed to be hitting a Pure Tone class tomorrow morning which is one I have never tried before so wish me luck!

Until next time, E xx


  1. Love your gym kit. Really like the trainers too :).

  2. I love how you coordinate your gym kit! Very impressed with your gym dedication xx

    1. I'm a total gym freak, partly for the excuse to buy new clothes ;)
      Thanks for visiting! E xx

  3. Eeeek those trainers! They're adorable! You definitely look better than I do when working out. I go for any old combo of work out gear I can find. I never go to classes though, maybe if I did I'd try to look a little more put together. ox Lucy