Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lipstick Love

To start I just need to quickly say to anyone who didn't notice, The Little London Girl has moved into a new home at #excitingtimes

So there was supposed to be a style post scheduled to go up today but first of all the clothes I was using never arrived (the first time ASOS has ever let me down!) and secondly that beautiful heat wave I was told would be happening turned out to be heavy rain & grey skies, not wonderful for a photo shoot.

So, instead, I'm doing a quick post on my favourite lipsticks.

I never used to wear lipstick at all before I moved to London and now I seem to be picking up a new one every week. I've got quite a small mouth - my mother calls it rosebud - so I have to be careful with what I choose so here are my top four favourites.

(1) Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick for Rimmel in plum number 22.
This was my boldest choice of lipstick, I picked it up the Glamour beauty sale, and I am so glad I did. Apart from the fact I love the colour - it can completely transform an outfit & goes wonderfully with all black - it applies beautifully. This is the only colour I have in this range and, as the range is generally quite dark, it will probably be my last however I will be looking at the new Kate Spring collection!
Click here to buy RRP £5.49

(2) Estée Lauder (mock of) All Day Lipstick in rosa rosa. This lipstick I have had for a good 5 years so, confession, they don't actually make this range anymore however after a little bit of research it does appear this was just an old school version of their All Day range currently on sale. The fact I've had this for so long should probably tell you it's a trusty lipstick, it's soft and a great application and the colour is my fail safe go to. You know when you have that pair of shoes that go with absolutely every outfit or the LBD you turn to on a night out because it always does you proud - that's what this lipstick is to me.

(3) MAC Mineralise Rich Lipstick in posh tone. This was another Glamour beauty sale grab. I'd been looking for a nude lipstick for a while; my Estée Lauder one is in a pretty terrible state after years of use, and I picked this up. I don't think I've loved a lipstick more. One thing I do find with cheaper lipsticks is that they can leave your lips very dry but this is absolutely the opposite. It feels more like a lip balm than a stick but looks and acts like a lipstick. Plus this colour - which is so me, 'posh tone'! - is so gorgeous. It's nude with an underlying orange colour which is so warm.

(4) Rimmel Lasting Finish in alarm. I picked this up because I adore red lipstick on other people but, I'll admit, it's still only made a handful of trips out of the house. I don't know what it is about the colour, sometimes red lipstick can just seem overbearing in the day, but it's very intense. If you want a warm red then this is the right colour. 
Click here to buy RRP £4.99

My next venture in the lipstick world is a pale pink so if anyone has any recommends then tweet me, @littlelondongee, or comment below!

Until next time, E xx


  1. You have the cutest lips! Actually are like rosebuds. I love the first and fourth colour! I don't think nudes look very nice on me so tend to be attracted to more deep colours but they all look lovely on you :)
    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. Thank you! I always think my mouth is too small... hence why I buy a lot of subtle colours! Thanks for visiting :)
      E xx