Saturday, 31 May 2014

Free Chocolate & Late Nights

Happy weekend!
I've had a super stressful week this week for a number of reasons. First off I'm working full time again for the Glamour Women of the Year awards and my University major project is due in two weeks. On top of that I have my boyfriend staying over the next couple of weeks whilst he works full time and one of my best friends from Uni (who lives in Canada) is coming to stay before we head up to Lancaster for the weekend with some old Uni friends.
In other words spare time is now a thing of the past! So I thought I'd take the morning to do a blog entry before I plunge into actually getting some uni work done before the awards next week.

As you can imagine cups of tea are essential this weekend as I'll be a recluse in my flat for the next two days. I'm a little embarrassed that my mug now has tea stains in it - and a little upset as it's Emma Bridgewater! - because it doesn't really get washed enough, I drink cups of tea back to back on days like these and a lot of time the most it gets is a quick rinse.

Okay so I am way too excited about this but I actually won this chocolate bar. Some of the packets of dairy milk products have codes that reveal winners in them and I happened to be one! I don't think I've won anything in my life before and I didn't even know you could win so how happy was I to open the packet of my last chocolate bar and see that!

I think I eat too much chocolate...

So my main job this week has been packing goodie bags for the awards night. There's a full 800 bags to pack and over 30 items in each bag from chocolate to DVD box sets (this is how celebrities get treated, how jealous am I?). Next are sponsoring the awards so we've had a few goodies from them in the bags and the lovely PR girls from Next came down to help out with the packing yesterday. In the spirit of bag packing I thought I'd share my new Next candle. I'm usually a traditional Yankee fan but this candle was all white (my fav) and smells gorgeous, never mind the packaging being super cute too! 

Last but not least, which has totally confirmed I do eat too much chocolate, is these incredible truffles from M&S. My boyfriend buys them for me too often as they usually get eaten in a day. The chocolates in the box aren't actually the truffles as I had totally eaten them already but they are crispello chocolates instead - I love the packaging so much that I use it even when I've polished them off.

That's all for today, hopefully I'll get a post up next week, maybe I'll have a chance to tell you a little about the awards so keep posted!!

Until next time, E xx


  1. Interesting Post. The candle sounds lovely!
    Renee x

    1. Thanks lovely, thanks for visiting :) E xx

  2. Those truffles look delicious! I'm also guilty of eating too much chocolate, but esp with exam time/deadlines/stressful times coming up it's better to eat than to starve yourself if they help you concentrate as you can always stop afterwards :) Good luck with your uni project and the awards :) x
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    1. Thank you lovely, thanks so much for commenting again :) E xx

  3. The pink champagne truffles look nice. I can't wait to try those.
    Good Luck with everything you are doing at the moment.