Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I Wear A Lot of Black, But I Wear Black Very Well

So rather than my usual posts I thought I'd treat everyone with a style post! I have an unfortunate situation at the moment in that most of my winter clothes are too big and all the clothes that do fit are spring/summer. This wouldn't be a problem if London weather was in any way consistent but no - one minute its 27 degrees and the next its raining.

Consequently these ASOS jeans are my new best friends. High waisted, super comfy and work brilliantly in the cold or the hot (with a little crop top and sandals). The flatforms are also ASOS and I adore them but I do think they are the sort of shoes you either love or hate. In fact whilst I'm writing this I have realised that the leather jacket I'm wearing is from ASOS Marketplace... am I obsessed?

The midi rings are New Look for just £3.99 and I wear them all the time, such a good deal. 
The top I actually bought yesterday in Camden market for £6, bargained down from £15 and it's a great summer top. Although not entirely on trend, I think generally dark colours transition through all seasons. The hat is Topshop.

The watch, I'm sure, has appeared in previous posts because I wear it an awful lot. It's a Ted Baker one that my Dad bought me for my birthday many years ago. The battery in it is now dead and I haven't yet managed to go to the jewellers to get a new one but I still wear it regularly! The bracelet was a graduation present from Pandora that never leaves my wrist.

Apologies for the uber long, photo heavy post, hopefully you have actually enjoyed the photos ;)
I wear an awful lot of black - ironic really because my favourite colour combination is actually pink and white - so I think this probably reflects the type of outfit I like to wear. My fingernails are painted pale pink today so it isn't too gothic!

Until next time, E xx


  1. Love your vintage watch. I have lots of black clothes too in my closet :D


    1. Thanks lovely, I'm a tad obsessed with that watch ;)
      Thanks for visiting! E xx

    2. I like wearing black. I always think it makes you look sophisticated but maybe that's just me :).