Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Life Through my iPhone

So firstly apologies for going totally MIA, I flew home for a week and blogging slipped my mind. However, lucky for you guys, I did snap a few shots whilst at home that I can share with you! 

The weather was off and on back home and - I have to admit - London is a whole lot hotter that the Isle of Man right now. However we did have a couple of beautiful sunny days whilst I was back. 
I am obsessed with cherry blossom trees, my step father hates them because he says all he does is clean up their mess, but I don't have that problem so I can sit back and enjoy their beauty and all they remind me of; crisp spring, confetti at weddings and tree lined London streets.

My latest iPhone cover.
I bought this at a super low price online and I think it's so cute. I'm constantly searching for covers that have front bumpers (i.e. they curve over the front of the phone) because I have smashed my front screen before. So far this is my fave.

Below is the ultimate hand cream. When I left my job on the Isle of Man my leaving present (among copious sweets and chocolate) was a Boots gift voucher. I'm a hugely practical person (#exciting) so most of it went on the essentials that I use every day but I treated myself to this Soap & Glory hand cream because I'm obsessed with their products. It smells beautiful and it's perfect to have in my handbag at all times.

I'm fairly sure I warned you of my puppy posts in my last blog entry but I've limited it to just the one.
When I went to stay with my Dad over the weekend my puppy (not so much, he's actually 9 years old now) came with me. He doesn't stay very often as him and our other dog get jittery when they're apart but we managed one night and he got the chance to sleep on the bed with this cuddly elephant he apparently adopted - a first considering he normally doesn't bat an eyelid at cuddly toys.

Last but not least is my mug of tea. Oh how exciting I hear you cry.
I have started drinking a litre of water a day alongside my four cups of green tea.
Okay 6 cups. The hydration is great for metabolism.
These mugs are my ultimate favourite when I go home, I have a big obsession with the perfect mug and I love these.

That's all for now, let's see what exciting things I get up to this week ;)

Until next time, E xx

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  1. Lovely photos! Your dog is so so cute!! Completely understandable about needing tea in the perfect mug, it makes all the difference! I liked patterned mugs as well:p x
    |Life as a Petite|