Saturday, 19 April 2014


Two posts in two days!! Yay!
So I had a little time on my hands today due to the fact my tonsils have swollen to twice their normal size so I didn't feel like leaving my bed so I thought I'd do a super quick Instagram update for you guys. 

I spend pretty much every day browsing Pinterest (my morning commute is usually an email haul, an Instagram update and a Pinterest browse...) and I love pinning quotes. Today I was feeling the fashion quotes. I have pinned about 1000 (#exaggeration) Coco Chanel quotes but she is my idol so it's okay.

So the Kimye cover... can we take a moment to think about this?
I was totally skeptical when I heard; I'm a huge Kardashian fan but Kim & Kanye on the cover just doesn't sit right with me. So of course when the American Vogue got delivered to Glamour I had to swipe a copy for a quick read.
I'll admit the article did very little for me, it sounded like the writer was trying to make the whole thing super high-fashion and intelligent and it came across try hard. I'd love to hear other peoples opinions on this so please comment and let me know if you liked or loathed it. I loved the photographs and the styling was stunning but other than that... #meh

The card & the perfume were leaving gifts from a few of the girls at work and seriously the perfume smells beautiful. I never buy Vera Wang, I only wear two perfumes and they are both D&G, so I am excited to try something new. The card as well is super cute but I'm not sharing the inside with you ;)

Okay so before I ramble too much I've got to mention Lola's cupcakes who delivered this absolutely incredible cake to the office last week. Actually they delivered two and six cupcakes which got demolished in a couple of hours.
During Easter time the office is inundated with delicious treats so sticking to healthy eating can be tough... hence the popcorn. My ultimate go-to low calorie snack when I'm feeling a lack of willpower.

The outfit post is just to give you an idea of my work wardrobe ;) 

That's all for now guy, until next time, E xx

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