Sunday, 6 April 2014

20 Things I Think At Work

I feel tireder than I have ever felt today after a long week but, luckily for me, I love my job so I don't feel too bad that the weekends already coming to a close. I have some fun posts coming up in the future as I've managed to get my hands on some wonderful bargains this past week (#outfitpost #watchout) but for today it's just a little bit of fun for you...
So here's 10 things I think when I'm at work.

1. Is it too early to make tea

2. If I do make tea, how rude is it to not offer anyone else a cup, I just don't want to make that much tea

3. Will anyone notice if I check my Facebook

4. Nevermind I'll just use my phone

5. I'm so hungry I bet it's nearly lunch time

6. 10AM are you serious?

7. I just had a great idea for that project, I'm going to tell my boss

8. Maybe I'll just email about it

9. Nevermind I don't think it was that good

10. Is two cups of tea before lunch too many

11. How do I turn the ringing volume on my phone down, I really don't want to take another call

12. Will everyone notice if I sit back and drink my tea and do nothing else

13. 12PM, an appropriate time to initiate 'what's everyone having for lunch?' conversation

14. Their lunch looks/smells a lot better than mine, I'm having that tomorrow

15. Do I have to answer the phone if I'm on lunch

16. If it rings much longer I'll have to answer it

17. I'm not answering it

18. Do I think about cups of tea too often

19. 2PM, an appropriate time to initiate 'what's everyone having for dinner?' conversation

20. I'm hungry, is it the end of the day yet?

My day in a nutshell. 
I'm going to leave you now with a wonderful picture of this weeks flowers, £2 from my local shop, so much love for fresh flowers. 

Until next time, E xx


  1. Replies
    1. I made tea straight after posting...

  2. We have a mutual obsession over tea, and your thoughts sound exactly like mine while at school haha :) ps. I love the flowers, it brings a pop of colour yet looks rustic with the rope and jar

    clever spice