Thursday, 13 March 2014

What You Really Need to Know About Shoe Shopping

Somebody once told me that you are either a bag person or a shoe person. It wouldn't take a genius to work out I am a shoe fan; open my closet and your bombarded. 
However I have a problem in that my feet are minuscule (my family call me #babyfeet), I am barely a size three in flats, let alone when gravity is doing its best to make my toes touch the floor.

So I am going to let you take a quick peak at some of my favourite shoes and share with you the best places to shop both for small feet & normal size feet.

left;                      right;

 left; ebay store                                         right; Office

 left; River Island                                right; Kurt Geiger

above; Topshop

I buy shoes from anywhere & everywhere. Some people have qualms about buying cheap shoes but I personally don't, I will buy from someone super budget (chockersshoes) or from top end (KG) but where's best?

If we ignore the tiny feet problem first and just focus on quality, comfort & design.
Firstly my Kurt Geiger's are my ultimate favourite in terms of design. I think you can get some really gorgeous, really innovative designs at companies like Kurt Geiger because they aren't attempting to reproduce things the way cheaper stores do. The downside is my KG's are next to impossible to walk in. The platform is extremely curved meaning falling is likely and usually boots are a fool-proof way to guarantee an elegant walk.

Comfort wise my Daisy Street's are my favourite. These were a present from my stepsister for my birthday and oh my god are they comfy. They are the highest heels I own and yet I could spend all night in them. This is a combination of huge platform, thick heel & being strapped in! The only problem with those is that they mark like crazy. Because they aren't real suede they do tend to scuff like mad, I try and put hair spray or suede protector on before leaving the house but it's a bit of a nightmare.
I've always heard some nightmares about so I'd like to just clarify that I adore my black wedge & I've worn them to death without them marking. They are my total safety shoes; the ones that go with everything and are really comfy.

Size wise I have to say River Island & Topshop are a nightmare. These shoes are beautifully designed but they are huge on my feet. For smaller feet I have found that ebay stores are great because they do half sizes (#yay). The black & gold wedges are actually a 2 1/2. I normally steer clear of shoes without a strap across the front because my feet are so small that they slip out but with a 2 1/2 I'm usually safe.

Lastly the Office shoes. These were pretty pricey (I'm sure around £80) and I've only worn them once.
 I think the design is cute and they are really easy to walk in but the one time I wore them I was in agony (and all I did was walk ten minutes to the train station & back to go for dinner). That was a few years ago so I am aiming to give them another trip out now my feet are more heel-trained to reevaluate.

So where to go?

For the best value; for me is top value. The shoes are decent quality & budget friendly.
For best design; always KG! Yes shoes can be pricey (the above were over £200 full price) but it's worth it.
For comfort; Daisy Street for sure
For petite feet; hit Ebay. You can order in from China so it's super cheap and the sizes are really specific. You might not need anything as small as a 2 but a 2 1/2 might help


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has this problem! My feet seem large to yours (3 1/2 - 4) but I have to have a strap, bought a gorgeous pair of strapless wedges from Debenhams last year and I can't wear them without falling! On even ground & being held on to too!
    I have to say I've started looking in the kids/teen sections can be great for flats & boots - especially price tags :)

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