Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Insta-Round Up

Okay so just a quick update as I am super busy at the moment with job interviews and uni work.
At the weekend I went and explored my new home town fiiinally. I have lived here three weeks and never done more than nip in for a quick drink/dinner. For those who don't know I live at the top end of Islington, about half an hours walk from the high street. 
Islington is gorgeous; a ton of great restaurants and bars as well as bakeries, markets, commercial fashion stores etc etc. and residentially it is beautiful (if a tad pricey) so if you are in need of somewhere to visit in London then get up North!

We also have a Five Guys, a Breakfast Club & a Nandos here (to name but a few).

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to a great little French restaurant called Le Mercury where the menu is priced by course not by dish so all starters are £4.95 and mains £9.95. Then we headed to the Kings Head Theatre Bar for drinks. 

Food wise I was very naughty this weekend as my sister was also down to stay so I had Italian for lunch (see photos) and went to the Hummingbird Bakery, my favourite, for a cupcake.

I've also been attempting to fit in uni work this weekend hence all the books and magazines, back down to business after this blog post.

Issy's Milky Way is one of the many hidden gems we found down Camden Passage in Islington, so many cute places, I can't stress what a gorgeous town Islington is to visit (and live!).

Until next time, E xx

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