Monday, 31 March 2014


So my past week has been so much fun it's insane so I'm sharing a few of my instagram posts with you as a little insight.
If you've ever interned at a magazine you'll know free space is taken up by other publications (&newspapers), you can literally spend your whole day reading magazines. The interns desk is usually stacked with previous issues of the office's publication which, in this case, is Glamour. I literally know these issues inside out.
We also get tons of goodies in the office, god knows how the girls aren't all huge, and on Monday we welcomed doughnuts and finished the week with dyed meringues & prosecco. 
The incredibly gorgeous bouquet of pink roses was, admittedly, not a gift for myself. They did belong to someone else in the office who no longer had room on her desk for them and she offered them to me.
Lastly the wonderful Vogue festival. I actually had a really tough weekend, I won't bore you with details, but it got to the time of the event and I had very little energy to enjoy it properly. 
It was, of course, a glamorous affair with champagne bars dotted around, hair styling spots, red velvet cheesecakes on offer, a Harrods spot and a Vogue store. I would list everything that was on offer to guests but I'd be here for days.
If I'd had the energy I probably would have spent a good three hours there but after witnessing the wonderful Alexandra Schulman talk about the industry I was worn out & ready for home. Not, of course, before snapping up a few photos to share with you all.

So I'm about half an hour away from heading to bed (my evenings don't stretch very far anymore!) and I'm going to wrap it up here.

Stay tuned for more exciting fashion-industry related news & tips!
Until next time, E xx

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