Monday, 10 March 2014


Just a quick Instagram round up post in between my classes today (#busybee).
I went a bit nuts this week & photographed every object I came in contact with!
These are all just from over the weekend pretty much; I've been essay writing and interviewing all week so nothing work documenting. Saturday night I went out with a friend with the intention of going out but after a totally chilled out bottle of wine and some tapas we ended up back at hers and in bed at 2am, it turned out better than a night out which I'm starting to feel too old to handle. Anyway following that I spent Sunday down in Islington before a quick trip to Oxford street to see the new Warehouse opening (I got a seriously tasty free brownie pop there #score) and then from 3pm onwards in bed in my PJ's with my fav candle burning and a cheeky packet of mini eggs.

The picture of my fujimax is because my aim over the next few months is to actually use it far more than I do. I love it so much but its so clunky to carry round that I often leave it! 
Now I'm determined to take more polaroids.

Like my Instagram post I'd like to say; enjoy today!
Until next time, E xx


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