Saturday, 22 March 2014


So I mentioned in an Instagram update recently that I went to the opening of the new Warehouse Oxford Street store. I feel a bit of an obligation to visit new Oxford Street stores because I spend my life there (my uni & offices are on Oxford Street) but anyway it was a fun event with the most delicious brownie pops I have ever experienced in my life. 
So when I got an email from Warehouse about their #FASHIONSHOOTERS festival happening this weekend I couldn't say no (in other words I wanted more brownie pops).
Sunny Saturday rolled around and I was up and ready to go to Brick Lane and I thought I'd share the day with you.
Perfect opportunity for a style post so that's where I'll start. I'm holding off on doing a wash at the moment and as I start working at Glamour magazine on Monday I'm saving my favourite outfits for that so I stuck with my trusty plaid pants with a simple grey t-shirt. The shoes & necklace may look familiar because I wear them all the time. Like every single day. I buy tons of jewellery and my shoes don't fit in my wardrobe anymore and yet I still wear the same things over & over. 
Don't change a good thing hey.

If I am 100% honest I actually completely forgot about the event until I checked my post and found the invitation. Of course when I read a little bit more and found out I'd be eating Instagram inspired food and designing my own t-shirt for free I was more than excited 

I think it's super important for fashion companies (magazines, retail outlets, pr companies etc.) to really sell their customers a complete package. If you hit up Topshop Oxford st. you'll see what I mean. It's not just about clothes anymore, it's about quirky things, food trends, feeling like your part of a club & I think Warehouse totally tapped into that with this event. I mean check out the awesome coffee truck.

I literally could have stuffed my face all day, there was enough food to last days. If you weren't at the Wandering Chef stall then you were surrounded by Warehouse employees offering goodies like cupcakes, brownie pops (yes they had them!), crispello bars, potato chips and more. Drinks wise it was a bit more limited: either red bull (normal or light) or evian water.

The Wandering Chef stall was the Instagram inspired food, which I thought was a brilliant idea. You could either buy something off the menu (see above) or, if you'd been sent an invitation in the post like me, you could use your tokens. 

I ended up opting for peanut butter & jelly macaroons and the oreo milkshake because I wasn't hungry enough for the big portions of savoury food!

Once you were done stuffing your face with food you could queue up to design your own t-shirt. This cost £10 or, again if you had your invite, you could use a token. I actually lost my token whilst I was in the queue (#stupid) but the guy said I was so cute & innocent he couldn't possibly charge (#charmer)

Downstairs there was a whole range of activities. You could hit the nail bar to have your nails done, have your hair styled, speak with the team from Elle magazine, browse the polaroid photo wall, create your own flickbook or just generally chill out on the sofas. I did actually take photos of all of this but this post was becoming photo heavy anyway so maybe I'll save them for my next Instagram round up.

All in all it was an exciting day & I loved what Warehouse were doing with their branding. 
My only complaints were firstly the queue for designing your t-shirt; there was no time limit on how long you could spend and some people were taking 20 minutes on a design (if there's 50+ people in the queue you can imagine how long you wait). I think the people arriving after 2pm will have been waiting around 2 hours to get to the front, and then another half hour to have it printed.
Secondly I wish there were more clothes to browse. I love the new Warehouse line and I probably would have been tempted to buy something with my 15% off voucher but there really wasn't much of the collection around.
Lastly there was no diet coke.
This is a complaint literally anywhere I go that doesn't provide diet coke because, let's be honest, everythings better with diet coke.

Thats all I've got time for tonight & I start working at Glamour magazine on Monday so if my posts suddenly die down in frequency its because I'm super busy.

I will try my hardest not to let that happen ;)
Until next time, E xx

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