Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Blogger's Bedroom

To start off I am sorry I've been totally MIA with blog posts this week, I've been so so busy with my new job that I've not had a moment spare. I get in at half 6, hit the gym, make dinner and sleep every day! But the weekend has rolled around and I've got some fun news and updates for you all.

So firstly I got myself a new camera (!!). 
I am so so excited about this. My old camera broke whilst I was travelling in the US and I've resorted to using my phone ever since. This results in fairly crappy quality photos a lot of the time which is no use on a blog so I decided to search for a new one. I don't have a lot of money so I bought a Fujifilm Finepix S Bridge camera on ebay & I am so in love with it! It's got 18x optical zoom, which is a little less than I wanted ideally but still really great, and for a bridge camera it's really compact. 

Secondly I am having the most incredible time at Glamour.
I could boast about how amazing this opportunity is for a lifetime (and I've only been there a week!) but I won't bore you too much! The offices are so beautiful and there's constantly treats around to enjoy and the staff are so wonderful. We had drinks in aid of #oxfammums on Friday to raise money and I felt like I'd been friends with the girls for about ten years, it was so fun.

Third & finally I'll introduce my post.
Basically my Saturday has been spent cleaning, tidying, food shopping and running errands (I know so exciting) and I am finally getting the chance to stop and chill for a minute so I thought I would give you a little look into my bedroom!

Tomorrow I am hitting the #voguefestival for a talk on working in fashion so hopefully I'll have some updates.

Fresh flowers are a staple in my room. People joke that bloggers must spend a bomb on flowers but they just make me room so pretty and fresh! I'm lucky that I've got a Morrisons down the road where I do a weekly shop and they usually sell mini bouquets for under £3 (these were £1.75 #bargain).

Glamour! How could I not get the new issue in there? Hot off the press, the issue goes on sale this week and I can't wait to get reading, there's some really exciting stuff in there.

I'm candle obsessed. You'll have seen the candles in previous posts but they are a staple item in my room. The large Yankee jars are usually around £20 but they last such a long time and the spell is so strong. These are very very sweet but there are some softer smells that, once lit, literally fill your room. I can't stand buying scented candles that don't actually provide a strong scent.

So I am doing a little bit of a juggling act at the moment with my internship, my blog & my uni work so I am trying to use my weekends to keep up to date with everything (even though the Kardashians is what is currently on my laptop) so my desk and bed are forever littered with fashion books.

Now I've rambled for long enough, I'm hoping to have a spare moment in the next week or so to post and insta-update of all the fun things that have been going on at Glamour HQ this week so keep and eye out!

Until next time, E xx

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