Friday, 28 February 2014

Vegetarian Budget Meals Take One

I am on a seriously tight budget right now and it's getting even tighter considering I keep 'nipping in' to Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Zara after class. In case you didn't know my college isn't just next to these stores, it's on top of these stores and they are the biggest stores in the UK. Nightmare.

So my recent convert to an (almost) vegetarian is totally working to my advantage because meat is expensive. By the way when I say almost I mean I don't eat veggie all week, I'm really bad at substituting in protein so I usually try and have a meat based meal two times a week.

Anyways this is a new venture for me; cheap, tasty, sometimes none-meat recipes on a budget and I'm sharing my first with you guys!

Pesto, spinach & cheese wholewheat pasta.

This was seriously tasty, I was very impressed with myself!
Ingredients are pretty self explanatory.

First cook the wholewheat pasta until its at a texture you want to eat (super soft for me). Drain and return to the pan.
Dropping the heat, stir in the pesto, spinach and half the amount of cheese you want to use. Keep stirring for about 30 seconds making sure the pasta doesn't stick to the pan.
Now pour the pasta, cheese, pesto and spinach into a baking dish and add the rest of the cheese on top. 
Stick under the grill until the cheese has fully melted.

Ta-dah! Your all done and it's tasty, healthy, veggie and cheap. 
Is there anything bad about it?!

Let me know if you try it
Until next time
E xx

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  1. This looks so yummy..I'm on an (attempted) health kick at the moment so this would be great for me!
    Love your blog, Glamour looks so fun!
    I'd love it if you could take a look at my blog and even follow! :)

    Chloe xx