Sunday, 16 February 2014

The London Diaries: Brick Lane

So I have now moved in and started my course and what did my first day consist of? A list as long as my arm of places in London that are a must-visit (on a regular basis) for aspiring fashion & lifestyle journalists. So this weekend I got going on my list whilst adding in a few of my own ideas. I don't actually have the time right this second to publish everywhere I went because I covered quite a lot of ground so I will start with the wonderful Brick Lane.
Apparently best visited on a Sunday (it was completely packed), Brick Lane is the place to be for vintage fashion, emerging fashion trends, emerging food trends and, on the day we were there, the place to be for anyone wanting to be the new face of JD Sports.

So if you love watching food trends, like myself, you're probably aware that vegetarian is the new cupcake and Brick Lane couldn't be more on top of this with veggie/vegan stands filling up the place (rather ironically right next to a lot of cupcake stands...)
Another big trend right now appears to be bubble tea which is a Taiwanese tea-based drinks thats popping up everywhere - see Oxford Street Topshop - and it's basically like a slushy but with a bit of tea mixed in. Didn't quite have the guts to try it but maybe next time.

There's enough jewellery stands to last a lifetime in Brick Lane market which suits me down to the ground. What I am absolutely loving right now is chunky rings, I particularly like the eyeball rings in the photo below. What I am not so keen on is the emergence of lego jewellery since the release of the Lego Movie.

It will come as no surprise that clothes are the number one thing to go to Brick Lane market for. Vintage stalls are in abundance and there are some incredible finds. I defy anyone to go to this (enormous) market and not find something they want to take home.

My buys:
Despite my promises to myself I didn't manage to walk away empty handed. I bought this gorgeous brown case that I am currently using to store nail varnish (£10) and these beautiful sunglasses (£8)

I would recommend Brick Lane market to absolutely everyone, its such a vibrant place to be.
Until next time, E xx

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